Only a few weeks ago, as most of us know, FKA Twigs relaeased a 16 minute long video to accompany her new M3LL155X EP. Each second of this new video is full of the artistic and conceptual prowess we have come to expect from Twigs. The peice, directed by Twigs herself, is not only a feminist coup but an unprecedented celebration of  human nature. Twigs herself said in an interview with complex  that the EP is all about empowerment. Not only female empowerment, but human empowerment. Through the music she emphisizes the value of relationships, romantic or not, and laments the loss of our connection to nature through technology. According to twigs,  shes begging for us to experience life outside of the web. She told complex:”“We wait all week for some empty celebrity to tweet or say something when we’ve got a front row seat to the stars, we can get outside, we can actually be living our lives. That’s free. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s about getting out of this weird Internet thing you get sucked into, where how many likes you get forms how good your day is. Like the line, ‘Away from being told who I am’—it’s the perception of yourself online, and how people perceive you to be versus the person who you actually are. For me, they’re two worlds apart.”

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The message of the entire album is very clear. appreciate the world and the bodies we are given. The visuals  underline the lyrics. Every segment is dictated by a different relationship a woman has with the world she is birthed itno. First and formost being, creation. The creation of herself and the relationship with her mother. Figure 8 and Mother creep are both homages to development  and how people around you can effect that development.

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