London Grammar is a magnetic British trip-hop trio consisting of singer Hannah Reid and instrumentalists Dot Major and Dan Rothman. Their debut album, If You Wait, arrived in September, and is full of wonderfully lush, moody, and dramatic arrangements that call to mind the early music of genre shape-shifters and game-changers like Portishead; Reid’s voice carries the epic emotional gravitas of a performer like Florence Welch. If those references tickle your fancy, you’ll fall in love with their new video for “Nightcall,” a gripping piano-driven cover made famous originally by French electro-house wunderkind Kavinsky (which you may recall from 2011’s Ryan Gosling-led noir thriller, Drive). The clip, helmed by Oslo, Norway-based film director André Chocron is filled with stark juxtaposed images of black and white horses, a lonely swingset, and a dimly-lit trailer with darkly surreal performances shots of the band. It all takes place in an isolated prairie that seems like something right out of the supernatural realm of Smallville. Enjoy!





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