At one point in your life (or maybe many), you’ve had the nightmare where you’re being chased by a stranger, demon, monster, knife-wielding psycho, or something just as sinister. The eerie video for Tropics‘ lush, chillwave track evokes this classic fear. Directed by Ewen Stenhouse and shot in the Epping Forest in southeast England by Nick MacDonald, “Sleepless” features a nightmarish, dream sequence with equally nightmarish, handmade masks and costumes (handmade masks = instant creep factor).

Tropics is English producer Chris Ward, who released his debut full-length album Parodia Flare last September on Planet Mu Records. “Sleepless” is one of Ward’s ten previously unreleased tracks on the 2012 follow-up Nautical Clamor. Thanks to Promo News for putting this video on my radar.