At one point in your life (or maybe many), you’ve had the nightmare where you’re being chased by a stranger, demon, monster, knife-wielding psycho, or something just as sinister. The eerie video for Tropics‘ lush, chillwave track evokes this classic fear. Directed by¬†Ewen Stenhouse and shot in the Epping Forest in southeast England by Nick MacDonald, “Sleepless” features a nightmarish, dream sequence with equally nightmarish, handmade masks and costumes (handmade masks = instant creep factor).

Tropics is English producer Chris Ward, who released his debut full-length album Parodia Flare last September on Planet Mu Records. “Sleepless” is one of Ward’s ten previously unreleased tracks on the 2012 follow-up Nautical Clamor. Thanks to Promo News for putting this video on my radar.