“The whole experience of making and touring this show was wild. It was an impossible, crazy project. There were 11 artists involved, half based in Brooklyn, half in Copenhagen, most of whom had never worked together before,” said Alison Clancy of Loving You about creating a cross-continental collaboration for the theatrical Street Ballet NINE BY SEVEN.

Loving you is Alison Clancy and Chris Lancaster

Alison Clancy of Loving You

“We created a 70-minute show with all original music and choreography from scratch in about 3 months. We premiered in Copenhagen, then toured through Denmark,” she said. “It was mostly just me and 9 dudes hanging out. There was one other female singer, but she was based in Copenhagen, so would often go home. So…yeah…I went to a strip club for the first time, smoked a lot of weed, ate hella McDonald’s and 7 Eleven, and tried to help my dudes meet cute girls in clubs. I’ve mostly toured with girls before, where it’s been all about finding the health food store and local yoga class, so this was a totally different experience. Sticks, my duet partner in this video lead soulful prayers before every show. The whole thing felt pretty EPIC.”

To hear more Loving You check out their bandcamp at https://lovingyoumusic.bandcamp.com/releases

Alison Clancy of Loving You

Photo: Kitfox Valentín Makeup: Jessica Sanner