Artist Elizabeth Valleau and her two brothers Joshua and Lewis are the musical talent behind the shadowy, avant garde Brooklyn-based trio WOLVVES. Their newest video “White on White,” directed by Daniel Gomes, evokes the swagger and the pleasure of life as an apex predator. Rife with disturbing scenery, quixotic sounds, and a sterile, darkened landscape where intimate gestures awaken and animate characters, the video doesn’t disappoint.

“New York City is our ultimate muse – our home; holy ground. It lures to devour, and surrendering yourself is the first step of ascension,” they said in a recent interview. “It baptizes you with poverty, aggression, bad smells and the elements, and you emerge reborn as its fierce offspring. It’s joyous, but very wild.”

WOLVVES are playing at Trans-Pecos NY, Friday February 6th, 11.30pm. If you haven’t already – tickets can be purchased at or at the door.

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