Directed and Animated by: Alex Barry
Original Track: ERGO / Brett Sroka

Brooklyn Artist Alex Barry has teamed up with Brett Sroka to create this video for “Yet but” from Ergo’s upcoming album ‘As Subtle As Tomorrow’ (Cuneiform Records). Barry created every image in the video by hand.

‘As subtle as tomorrow takes’ its name from a Dickinson poem that can be reconstructed from the fragments and phrases that Sroka borrowed as tune titles. Sroka, a sonic architect, is known for using silence strategically. “There’s something that appeals to me about space and silence and attractive melodies,” he said. “I’m interested in ambient music, which led to Arvo Pärt and John Cage and patient listening music that incorporates a lot of silence.”

Ergo is playing Cornelia Street Cafe next Tuesday April 26, at 8pm & 10pm, 29 Cornelia St. NYC. If you’d like more information check out: